Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You Don't Want to Steal My Dog!

Georgina Hayes is an eleven year old with a tough life. Her daddy left her family in the dust and her mother struggles to work two jobs, but still can't afford to pay the rent for their apartment. Georgina, her little brother Toby, and her mother are living out of their beat up old honker of a car and she'd do anything to keep her friends at school from knowing about it. If you think sharing a bathroom with your annoying little brother or sister is bad, can you even imagine what it would be like to share the backseat of a car, with only a beach towel divider? Major yuck!

One night, as Georgina lies awake, listening to the sounds of the ally where the car is parked for the night, she notices a sign for a missing dog with a reward for $500. The gears begin to turn in her head, and as desperate as she is for a real bed and a hot shower, she makes a decision: she's going to steal a dog.

According to Georgina,
These are the rules for finding a dog:
1. The dog must not bark too much.
2. The dog must not bite.
3. The dog must be outside by itself sometimes.
4. The dog must be loved a lot and not just some old dog that nobody cares about.
5. The owner of the dog must look like somebody who will pay a lot of money to get their dog back, like maybe someone who has a big house and rides in a limo or something like that.

After scouring the neighborhood for the perfect dog, Georgina and Toby settle on a friendly little black and white dog named Willy. As organized as Georgina sets out to be, her plan goes terribly awry (meaning wrong) and what happens at the end is the absolute last thing she would have expected.

Recipe to Read By: Barkin' Good Pup-cakes
These are so doggone good you'll want to howl at the moon. You can whip up a batch of these puppies in no time! (Are you diggin' the doggy lingo? Ruff!)

1 box of yellow cake mix
Your favorite frosting
Milano cookies
chocolate chips
black or brown decorator gel

1.) Bake the pupcakes using the directions on the box.
2.) Allow to cool completely.
3.) Frost using Betty Crocker or your favorite recipe. Lay it on real thick because you need enough to hold the cookies. (Plus you can lick all the frosting that plops onto the counter.)
4.) Place two Milano cookies on the sides of the pupcake.
5.) Add two chocolate chips for eyes and a red M&M nose.
6.) Draw the mouth using decorator gel.

I think everyone needs to order THESE before even thinking about making pupcakes.
If you agree, raise a paw. (Or, if you're Kendall, lick a toe.)

Don'tcha just want to cuddle them?
In case you were wondering, the brown stuff isn't really dog kibble, it's Cocoa Puffs!


  1. this it an asom book!I realy want to read it!Good job!!!

  2. Those are seriously cute! And this is a great blog! One of my coworkers is a cook and loves making recipes inspired by books, so I'll have to show her your posts. Keep up the great work!

  3. Ha ha. t hats so cool!I am at my dads office becuase I am sick. I remember that you had
    those dog cupcakes at Lindsay's b-day party.