Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An UnDone Fairy Tale

Three words to describe this book: Ridiculous. Absurd. Nonsensical.

Of course we absolutely ADORED it! In fact, I couldn't keep this book on my shelf!

The premise is quite silly, yet randomly clever at the same time.
Poor Ned, the guy painting the illustrations didn't have time to finish, so he had to substitute what was on hand to finish this crazy fairy tale. Imagine a king with a donut for a crown, a strong and brave hero who wears a tutu, an army of pickles, and a princess who saves her man while riding a snail and waving a banana-sword.

Got a mental picture? Good! Now, go check out this book!

Recipe to Read By: Fairy Tale Wand Cookies

First, get yourself a cool wand cookie cutter.
Next, use your favorite sugar cookie dough to cut out magic wands. (If you don't have a cookie cutter, you can shape your cookie dough into stars, then stick a Popsicle stick in the bottom before baking.)
Allow to cool completely before frosting with your favorite flavor. (I prefer deep purples and blues with some serious sprinkles.)
Pretend to be a fairy godmother (or fairy godfather) by turning your dog into a horse, your bike into a stage coach, and your nerdy neighbor into a handsome prince (or princess).

Check out these awesome fairy tale creations:

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